Rental Application Process, Criteria and Requirements

Ascend Realty & Property Management
Rental Application Process, Criteria and Requirements

Fair Housing or Nondiscrimination Policy:

Fair housing for all is the policy of Ascend Realty & Property Management (hereinafter referred to as Owner/Agent) and it's the law. The property owner, Owner/Agent and employees of Owner/Agent do not discriminate against any applicant/resident because of race, color, religion, national origin, sex (gender), familial status (presence of children under 18 in the household) disability (including physical, mental and developmental disabilities), marital status, source of income, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Applicants/residents may not be denied housing, treated differently than others, harassed, or evicted from housing based on any of these discriminatory criteria. Owner/Agent will consider all applications for rental housing and will provide all services equally without regard to any of the discriminatory criteria listed above.

The following criteria are used when screening all occupants who seek residency at any of our managed properties.

Occupancy Policy:

  1. . Occupancy is based on the number of bedrooms in a unity. (A bedroom is defined as a habitable room that is intended to be used primarily for sleeping purposes, contains at least 70 square feet and is configured so as to take the need for a fire exit into account.)
  2. The general rule is two persons are allowed per bedroom. Owner/Agent may adopt a more liberal occupancy standard based on factors such as size and configuration of the unit, size and configuration of the bedrooms, and whether any occupants will be infants..


Your completed application consists of:

  1. Completed online Application for each applicant and any occupant of the property that is over the age of 18. The online application must include names, ages and relationship to applicant(s) of all occupants planning to reside in the property.
  2. A non-refundable $40 application fee per adult (18 or older).
  3. Legal government picture ID for all applicants.
  4. Income verification (2 months' worth of most current pay check stubs, benefits letter, employment offer letter with stated start date and wage/salary terms, or 2 most recent tax returns).
  5. If pets are allowed in the property, a complete description and a picture of any pets that will reside in the property must be included in the online application (all pets, except service, therapy and or companion animals, are subject to Owner/Agent approval)
  6. Animal certification and/or reasonable accommodation forms for service, therapy and/or companion animals.


Income Requirements:

Past Housing Requirements:

Credit Requirements:

If applicant(s) is/are denied because applicant(s) does/do not meet above requirements, applicant(s) may ask for their application to be reconsidered with additional security deposit and/or with a qualified co-signer.

Co-signer Requirements:

Criminal Requirements:

Upon receipt of the rental applications and screening fee, Owner/Agent will conduct a criminal background search to determine whether the applicant or any proposed tenant has charges pending for, been convicted of, or pled guilty or nocontest to, any drug-related crime; person crime; sex offense; crime involving financial fraud, including identity theft and forgery; or any other crime if the conduct for which the applicant was convicted or is charged is of a nature that would adversely affect property of the landlord or a tenant or the health, safety or right of peaceful enjoyment of the premises of tenants, the landlord or the landlord's agent. A single conviction, guilty plea, no contest plea or pending charge for any of the following shall be grounds for denial of the rental application:

Criminal Conviction Review Process:

Owner/Agent will engage in an individualized assessment of the applicant's or other proposed occupant's, conviction if applicant has satisfied all other criteria (the denial was bases solely on one or more convictions) and:

Owner/Agent will:

  1. Consider relevant individualized evidence of mitigating factors, which may include:
    1. The facts or circumstances surrounding the criminal conduct;
    2. The age of the convicted person at the time of the conduct;
    3. Time since release from incarceration or completion of parole;
    4. Evidence that the individual has maintained a good tenant history before and/or after the conviction or conduct;
    5. Evidence of rehabilitation efforts
    Owner/agent may request additional information and may consider whether there have been multiple convictions as a part of this process.
  2. Notify applicant of the results of Owner/Agent's review within a reasonable time after receipt of all required information
  3. Hold the unit for which the application was received for a reasonable time under all the circumstances to complete the review, unless prior to receipt of applicant's written request (if made after denial) the unit was committed to another applicant.

Denial Policy:

If your application is denied due to negative and/or adverse information in a credit or rental history report, and you believe that there is an error, the procedure to correct the error is:

  1. If the denial is credit, contact the credit reporting agency listed on the denial letter in order to identify who is reporting unfavorable information. Provide documentation to the credit reporting agency regarding the error and ask to have the error removed from your record.
  2. If the denial is for rental history and you believe there is an error, contact the previous landlord to request a correction.
  3. If the information being reported is incorrect, requests for correction must be submitted directly to the credit/criminal background reporting agency or previous landlord. Owner/Agent is not responsible for correcting the incorrect information provided by the credit/criminal background reporting agency or previous landlord.

Owner/Agent will hold the unit for a maximum of three days to allow applicant time to resolve incorrectly reported credit or rental history.


Applicant will be denied if misrepresentations are found on Applicant's application or other documentation provided by Applicant during the approval process. If any misrepresentation is discovered after approval and property possession, at the option of the property owner, Tenant's rental agreement and tenancy of the property may be terminated.

Disabled Accessibility:

Owner/Agent allows existing premises to be modified at the full and complete expense of the disabled person if the disabled person agrees to restore the premises (per fair housing guidelines) at their own expense to the pre-modified condition. We require:

Pet Policy and Requirements:

Smoking/Medical Marijuana/Recreational Marijuana:

Service, Therapy and Companion Animals:

Are required to meet the same behavior rules and residents are liable for animal damages. Animal certification and/or reasonable accommodation forms will be required at time of application. Additional security deposits will not be required. Breed, type and animal age restrictions shall be waived.

Home Owner Associations (HOA):

Tenants approved for a property with a HOA will be supplied with a copy of the HOA rules and regulations and will be expected to maintain compliance with the rules and regulations of the HOA in addition to the terms of the rental agreement and addendums. Payment of any fine that is levied by the HOA due to the tenant's or tenant's guest's failure to comply with HOA rules and regulations will be the responsibility of the Tenant. Tenant must pay any such fine levied by the HOA within 30 days from the date that the fee is levied to Owner/Agent Tenant's failure to comply with HOA rules and regulations or Tenant's failure to pay fees levied by the HOA for Tenant's failure to comply with HOA rules and regulations will result in additional fees being charged to the Tenant and/or the rental agreement and tenancy of the property may be terminated.

Adding Additional Roommate(s):

If existing tenants request to add additional roommate(s), the additional roommate(s) must follow the Rental Application Process as set forth on this website and must meet all of the Criteria and Requirements set forth on this website. There will be a $250 add roommate fee for each roommate added.

Renter's Insurance:

Effective January 1, 2015, all Tenants, except low income Tenants with government subsidized rent, will be required to carry liability coverage in the amount of $100,000 per occurrence or the customary amount required by landlords for similar properties with similar rents in the same rental market, whichever is greater. Liability insurance shall cover medical costs and other liability if someone is injured in or on the property and/or there is damage to the rented property caused by the Tenant or Tenant's guests at Tenant's expense. If the Tenant fails to provide evidence of such insurance to Ascend Realty & Property Management or if the evidence of insurance indicates that the insurance has lapsed or has been cancelled, Ascend Realty & Property Management will obtain insurance for the rented property and payment the cost of such insurance will be the responsibility of the Tenant. The Tenant will be billed for the cost of such insurance and failure to pay the cost of such insurance will result in additional fees and/or the tenancy of the property may be terminated.

Tenant shall provide documentation to landlord that the tenant has named the landlord as an interested party on the tenant's renter's liability insurance policy authorizing the insurer to notify the landlord of:

  1. Cancellation or non-renewal of rental insurance policies
  2. Reductions of policy coverage
  3. Removal of the landlord or other interested party (like a property management company or an attorney)

If the Tenant is unable to provide insurance, Ascend Realty & Property Management will obtain a liability policy that provides basic liability coverage at Tenant's expense. This liability insurance policy does not provide insurance coverage for Tenant's personal property or Tenant's expenses related to loss of use for a covered event.

For additional information about insurance and to obtain a quote for renters insurance please contact your insurance agent.

Tenant(s) will be responsible for all costs and legal fees associated with any eviction process that becomes necessary for any reason.